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ATM Skimmers: Hacking the Cash Machine
Author: Brian Krebs
Most of the ATM skimmers I’ve profiled in this blog are comprised of parts designed to mimic and to fit on top of existing cash machine components, such as card acceptance slots or PIN pads. But sometimes, skimmer thieves find success by swapping out ATM parts with compromised look-alikes.

All About Skimmers

Author: Brian Krebs
The series I’ve written about ATM skimmers, gas pump skimmers and other related fraud devices have become by far the most-read posts on this blog. I put this gallery together to showcase the entire series, and to give others a handy place to reference all of these stories in one place.
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Fox News (v) - To write, report or edit with intent to deceive.

"The Gaddafi regime continues to fox news every official statement."
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We voted yesterday for town elections. People on the Arlington email list are complaining about low voter turnout (about 20%). Why on earth the town chooses to hold town elections on Saturday is beyond me.
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Cinematic Titanic is the new project from the original cast of MST3K. On 20 - 21 Feb at the Somerville Theatre, Cinematic Titanic will be live on Stage, featuring the original cast of MST3K:

Joel Hodson
J. Elvis Weinstein
Mary Jo Pehl
Trace Beaulieu
Frank Conniff
Dave (Gruber) Allen

Event URL:

Tickets are $25 or $35 - and are available at the Somerville Theatre box office without additional charges. I plan on attending the Saturday show (21 Feb). Does anyone else want to go? If anyone not close to Boston wants me to pick up tickets for them, please let me know by tomorrow (Sat 24 Jan 2009).

CINEMATIC TITANIC is the new feature-length movie riffing show from the creator and original cast of MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATER 3000. Like MST3K, the show was created by JOEL HODGSON and features the same team that first brought the Peabody award winning cult-classic series to life: TRACE BEAULIEU (Crow, Dr. Forrester), J. ELVIS WEINSTEIN (Tom Servo, Dr. Erhardt), FRANK CONNIFF (TV’s Frank), and MARY JO PEHL (Pearl Forrester), Cinematic Titanic continues the tradition of riffing on ‘the unfathomable’, ‘the horribly great’, and the just plain ‘cheesy’ movies from the past.

Founded in late 2007, Cinematic Titanic is an artist funded, owned, and operated venture. With a combination of new shows on DVD every 6-8 weeks (available in our STORE) and an ever-growing schedule of LIVE SHOWS, the CT crew hopes to reconnect with “MSTies” around the world as well as bringing new fans to the comedy artform they first brought to TV 20 years ago.
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Thank you to everyone for you kind words of support.

Our rescued kitty went home with her new family yesterday where I know she will be loved as much as we love our Mina. Last weekend, we had 3 prospective parents meet Zoe. I also had several phone calls and emails asking if she had found a home.

I learned:
1) Little lost kitties make me sad.
2) With hard work and determination, I can find a home for a cat.
3) There are too many homeless cats and they keep reproducing.
4) Rescuing a cat is much more of a commitment than I thought it would be.

Mina is relieved to be an only cat again and has reverted to her normal, calm self. She was a little stressed as she saw Zoe put into the cat carrier and taken home. She hid under our bed for about 20 minutes. [ profile] cosmicgarden and I lured her out after and reassured her that she was not going anywhere.

This morning I hear news that there is a black cat in our neighborhood sitting on people's doorsteps meowing to be let in. She looks well cared for, social, loving and follows people around when they take their dog for a walk. None of the neighbors know who she belongs to.
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My wife and I rescued a stray female cat on Friday but cannot keep her. She is a young, petite, short-hair tortie-tabby mix and very playful.

We have arranged with Animal Umbrella to have her ready for an adoption event on Nov 15th. Before the event, we will have have her spayed and vaccinated at our expense. If nobody adopts the cat, Animal Umbrella agreed to shelter the cat until she is adopted.

If interested, please respond below or send email to:

found dot tortie AT g m a i l dot com
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Post five things you've done that you believe nobody else on your flist has done.

1) Went parasailing in Mexico
2) Climbed a rock wall on a cruise ship at sea
3) Had surgery to fix a deviated septum
4) Been to Bletchley Park while on my honeymoon
5) Had an FCC radio license and college radio show
6) Married an astrologer ([ profile] cosmicgarden)
7) Had drinks with a CIA agent
8) Never had wisdom teeth
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Humphrey Lyttleton, long time host of I'm sorry I haven't a clue on BBC Radio 4 passed away on Friday.

You can hear a classic edition of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue on BBC Radio 4 on Sunday 27 April at 1200 BST. There will also be a special programme in tribute to Humphrey Lyttleton on Wednesday 30 April at 0900 BST.
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Holy F*@&!

I just figured out how to get streaming audio to work on my Blackberry.
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Arlington town elections are different from anywhere I've lived in recent memory. Everywhere else, federal, state and local elections were held on a Tuesday. Can anyone tell me why Arlington holds town elections on a Saturday? I can't imagine this does anything to improve turnout. Wouldn't it be more cost effective to hold town elections the same time as state and federal elections? The only advantage I can think of is this: Since most polling places in Arlington are in public schools, a Saturday election would not conflict with a regular school day.
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UPDATE: 18 Feb 2007, 13:22
I changed hosting to Flickr. For some reason, IE won't display embedded images on LJ from Comcast. Go figure.
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I'll be in NYC next week for a Hitachi Data Systems class. It's been at least 14 years since I've been there - and I'm sure lots has changed, not the least would be 9/11 and the Rudy Giuliani effect.

So, anybody have suggestions of what I should do with my time between 5 PM and 9 AM? I'll probably try to get tickets to a play, tour Time Square, Greenwich Village, etc. I think I want to make a trip to J&R Music World and B&H.

Anyone want to get a dinner or a drink?
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As seen on my LJ profile page.

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Dick Cheney claims the Vice President's office doesn't have to comply with a presidential order regulating federal agencies' handling of classified national security information because the vice president's office is not an "entity within the executive branch".,1,7221944.story?coll=la-news-politics-national&track=crosspromo

When this news broke, I thought, zero out his funding. Well, it turns out democrats in Congress are going to do just that.

"The House takes up an appropriations bill tomorrow that includes $4.75 million in salaries and expenses for Vice President Cheney. A group of Democrats plans to fight this line item."

More news here:,,-6737776,00.html
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In Praise of Sir Patri
dedicated to the memory of Patri Pugliese
©2007 Mark A. Mandel

Cold is the hearth and dark the hall,
downcast the hearts of great and small.
We have lost the best beloved of all:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

Deft of foot and deft of hand
to teach, to learn, to understand,
known and praised in many a land:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

A doctor of the history
of natural philosophy
and universal scrivenry:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

The dances of each clime and age
he taught alike to duke and page
and showed with grace upon the stage:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

Famous in the lists was he
as Sir Patri du Chat Gris,
and long he held the barony:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

He built an ever-growing hoard
of ancient manuals of the sword
to share, and asked for no reward:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

On a less ancient field of Mars
he camped with comrades 'neath the stars
and marched beneath the Stars and Bars:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

No challenge was beyond his reach.
He was among the first to teach
the Dragon to hear human speech:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

He wed a lady wise and fair.
Their daughters are a lively pair
who all their parents' virtues share:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

He lived with generosity,
with honesty and courtesy,
the rarest true nobility:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

So praise his name in every hall
and let his memory warm us all
and raise a glass as we recall
Sir Patri of Carolingia.
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