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Thank you to everyone for you kind words of support.

Our rescued kitty went home with her new family yesterday where I know she will be loved as much as we love our Mina. Last weekend, we had 3 prospective parents meet Zoe. I also had several phone calls and emails asking if she had found a home.

I learned:
1) Little lost kitties make me sad.
2) With hard work and determination, I can find a home for a cat.
3) There are too many homeless cats and they keep reproducing.
4) Rescuing a cat is much more of a commitment than I thought it would be.

Mina is relieved to be an only cat again and has reverted to her normal, calm self. She was a little stressed as she saw Zoe put into the cat carrier and taken home. She hid under our bed for about 20 minutes. [ profile] cosmicgarden and I lured her out after and reassured her that she was not going anywhere.

This morning I hear news that there is a black cat in our neighborhood sitting on people's doorsteps meowing to be let in. She looks well cared for, social, loving and follows people around when they take their dog for a walk. None of the neighbors know who she belongs to.
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