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In Praise of Sir Patri
dedicated to the memory of Patri Pugliese
©2007 Mark A. Mandel

Cold is the hearth and dark the hall,
downcast the hearts of great and small.
We have lost the best beloved of all:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

Deft of foot and deft of hand
to teach, to learn, to understand,
known and praised in many a land:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

A doctor of the history
of natural philosophy
and universal scrivenry:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

The dances of each clime and age
he taught alike to duke and page
and showed with grace upon the stage:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

Famous in the lists was he
as Sir Patri du Chat Gris,
and long he held the barony:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

He built an ever-growing hoard
of ancient manuals of the sword
to share, and asked for no reward:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

On a less ancient field of Mars
he camped with comrades 'neath the stars
and marched beneath the Stars and Bars:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

No challenge was beyond his reach.
He was among the first to teach
the Dragon to hear human speech:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

He wed a lady wise and fair.
Their daughters are a lively pair
who all their parents' virtues share:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

He lived with generosity,
with honesty and courtesy,
the rarest true nobility:
Sir Patri of Carolingia.

So praise his name in every hall
and let his memory warm us all
and raise a glass as we recall
Sir Patri of Carolingia.
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